Tannaz Rafiee founded the school of little Mozart in Paris in 2006. 

She started learning Piano at the age of six inTehran, she moved to Paris when she was 20 in order to continue her Piano studies at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris - few years later she moved to London and got her master in Music from the City University of London. 


Tannaz has been performing as Soliste as well as accompanist with the concerts throughout Europe and Australia.

She has been teaching music for many years, her music school of Little Mozart has been taken from Paris to London,Kuala Lumpur,Canberra,Jakarta where she lived.

Tannaz enjoyed having the privilege of working with the students across different countries with different ages, level and multicultural background.

She is now living in Paris where she has move back recently with her family.

last update November 2019  

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